Got lawn problems? Here are some solutions

Thick spongy lawnThatch build-upTLS Dethatching Treatment
Yellow tingeLacking fertiliserTLS Fertiliser
Weeds TLS Weed Treatment
Brown spots or cobwebsFungusTLS Fungus Treatment
MossMoisture, shadeTLS Moss Treatment
Black/green slimeLack of
TLS Slime Treatment
Hard groundCompactionTLS Soil Conditioner
Small holes in lawnGrass GrubTLS Grub Treatment
Dry Lawn in summerLack of water
or dry patch
TLS Irrigation System
Wet lawn in summerClay soilTLS Drainage System
Humps, hollows in lawn TLS Lawn Renovation

Lawn Services

Proven lawn management programs

Ready lawn laying & repairing

Lawn preparation & seeding

Lawn repairs humps & hollows

Lawn Dethatching (scarification)

Hollow coring (aeration)

Spraying services

Certified Sprayer & Approved Chemical Handle

  • Weeds (Dandelions, clovers, daisies, hypocotyls & all other weeds)
  • Moss (Green & black)
  • Fungus (All turf diseases)
  • Pest control (Grass grub & porina caterpillar)
  • Wetting agents (Moisture retention for dry areas on your lawn during the warm period)
  • Algae & moss spraying on patios & concrete

Other Lawn Services

  • Lawn Management Programs
  • Irrigation systems

Are you having Lawn issues?

Do you need help diagnosing your lawn problems?

Are you unsure what your lawn requirements are?

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Established in 2008 look no further than Total Lawn Solutions Ltd in Christchurch for quality garden, spraying, lawn services and turf management. Owned and operated by a qualified lawn and garden specialist both Residential and Commercial.

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