Our services will ensure a strong, healthy, green lawn.

Total Lawn Solutions offers a complete lawn service including preparation, resowing, drainage, irrigation, dethatching, fertilising, and dealing with fungus, grass grub, diseases, and moss problems.

Our specialists, based in Canterbury, will provide the technical expertise required to enhance your lawn. Servicing the Canterbury area of New Zealand.


Lawns need to be fed regularly to ensure trace elements encourage leaf growth and colour, protection from disease and to lower the pH to slightly acidic which is the ideal environment for a healthy lawn. 4 times a year is our recommendation.


Can you see any of these?

Dandelions – Clover – Daisy – Oxalis – Dichondra – Hydrocotyl -Onehunga Weed – Yarrow – Docks – Wireweed – Sub/Clover -Chickweed.

All these weeds will be eradicated by Total Lawn Solutions 2 times a year this needs to be done.


This is also known as grooving or scarifying. A soft spongy lawn indicates an unhealthy build-up of thatch which can cause fungus and disease infestations. Thatch won’t allow moisture to penetrate down to the root structure. Total Lawn Solutions specialists use a specially designed machine which will remove some of the thatch and trim the roots, to allow vigorous growth and allows moisture and fertiliser to penetrate to where they are needed most.

We recommend a dethatching in spring and in Autumn.

Grass Grubs

Can you see any of these?

Damage to turf can be extreme with damaged areas often increasing in size each year. To help keep a lawn in top condition Grass Grubs should be treated as soon as it is detected, usually during autumn. Grass grubs feed on grass roots from February through to October.


Unhealthy brown spots on lawns are often caused by one of several different types of fungus. The correct application by Total lawn Solutions will eradicate this frustrating problem.

To keep a lawn in top condition, the fungus should be treated as soon as it appears, usually in autumn.


Bare patches and whole lawns can be resown. The best time for resowing is during spring or autumn.

Lawn Sowing

Bare patches and whole lawns can be resown. The best time for resowing is during spring or autumn.

Lawn Renovation

Humps and hollows can be effectively leveled.

Lawn Coring

To help aeration and drainage in compacted soils e.g. grass tennis courts.

Lawn Drainage

Water ponding on lawns need not be a problem each winter. Total Lawn Solutions can install a drainage system to carry unwanted water away.

Lawn Irrigation

Dry, brown lawns need not be an annual summer problem. Total Lawn Solutions can install a suitable irrigation system to keep your lawn looking great all year.


A 100 square metres of well-maintained lawn will create enough oxygen to meet the needs of a family of four every day. Acting like a gigantic sponge, lawns absorb all types of airborne pollutants such as soot, dust, carbon dioxide and noise